From a music blog/side project of sorts.


Artist: Pinky Piglets (now Toquiwa … I think)

Song: 東京メリーゴーランド」

Here, for your edification, is my first completely out of left field selection. I offer it to you not as proof that I hit ‘random’ and ‘next’, but rather as an example of what my ears go through when I add and add to my library. 

Something I encourage, in fact.

I’m grateful for songs like this. I actually like this one a lot (though if we’re going for Japanese girl groups, you need to check out Trippple Nippples: ‘LSD’ … you’re welcome).

I think the thing that makes a song like this work for me is that it’s not trying to be anything other than what it is. Or if it is putting on airs, it’s doing so in a way I can’t understand. I feel like a good music library has a mix of songs you like for their lyrics, songs you like for their sound despite their lyrics, and songs that you like because their lyrics can’t get in your way.

The same thing that allows me to appreciate opera allows me to appreciate this. The same things I love when I listen to a Kusturica soundtrack (at some point the law of averages will feature a song from one of his films) or spend listen to African folk music, or Latin music (which I tend not to go for, but has its moments).

I spend my days analysing language very closely, sometimes too closely, and even when I’m not engaged in analysing, I’m reading or writing and worrying about every word. At the end of the day, it can be really nice to not understand what’s being said. If you’re ever on public transport in a foreign country, and you just want to give your mind a rest, listen to everyone you can’t understand chatting around you.

It’s rather peaceful, and that is the same quality that allows me to listen to Pinky Piglets. I also like it’s grit, but it crosses into some distinctive poor man’s Pearl Jam sounds at points, the beginning for instance. 

So, while this isn’t a song I sought out to acquire (it came on a huge SXSW sampler), or even seek out to play, I have enjoyed it the few times it has come across. Not love, but like. Certainly nothing I’d skip past. 

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